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Exceptional Services We Offer


Sure Green offers a wide variety of property maintenance services from lawn care to snow plowing. Sure Green employs a veteran tree and garden specialist who can offer experienced advice and consulting in regards to more involved horticulture needs.

Summer Service 

The goal of the summer maintenance is to keep the freshly prepped spring property looking its very best throughout the season. Grass will be cut to a height of 2 to 2.5 inches, with trimming of all lawn edges, walkways, and beds, at a 90 degree angle. Inspection for deep root fertilization and major limb pruning will occur at regular intervals throughout the season. To maintain a neat appearance of the grounds, shrubs, trees and hedges will be trimmed as often as required. Grass at the base of fences, hydrants, utility poles, and more will be maintained to a height of 2.5 inches. Lawn clippings shall be blown clean from the property. Our Sure Green operators will report any property deficiency, i.e. defects with irrigation or special attention needed for trees

Summer service includes:

  • Weekly lawn cutting and trimming

  • Weekly garden bed maintenance

  • Weekly pruning and hedge trimming

  • Weekly grounds clean up   

  • Edging

  • Applications of slow release Nitrogen Fertilizer

Key Benefits of Sure Green Summer Service

  •   Your lawn will have a professional look when we’re done.

  •   Makes your property more attractive to tenant and prospects.

  •  Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age.

  •   Trees, shrubs, turf, and groundcovers trap and filter dust and other pollutants out of rainwater.

  •   Plants improve air quality.

Winter Service 

Winter can create interesting challenges. Sure Green is ready to take control of any situation that may arise. We have a plethora of equipment to take care of any type of winter weather that may come our way. During quiet times, we continue to maintain properties by doing weekly grounds clean up and site inspections to address any problem areas. We also believe that the winter is a great time to start working with managers on next year’s budget, flower installation, tree planting and landscape construction.

Winter Service includes:

  • Snow Plowing

  • Walkway Clearing

  • Application of ice melting products

  • 24 hour site monitoring for ice and snow accumulation

  • Snow relocation and removal

  • Weekly grounds clean up

  • Holiday Lighting

Key Benefits of Sure Green Winter Services:

  •   It will take the worry away from you. During a snowstorm, you want your condo complex to be plowed and accessible as soon as possible. Besides, you have your own home to worry about!

  •  You don’t have to get any equipment. When you hire Sure Green to do your commercial snow removal, you’re hiring a fully equipped team. Additionally, our staff is trained on how to use the equipment.

  •  Reduced risk of accidents. Securing your professional snow removal service will ensure that cleanup is taken care of quickly. Therefore, there will be less of a chance of any slips or falls that you may be held liable for.

  •  Peace of mind. Sure Green will give you peace of mind to know that your snow removal will be taken care of correctly and in a timely manner.

  •  24 hr weather conditions monitoring and service.

Fall Service 

Fall is a time to clean and prepare for the harsh winter months ahead. Sure Green will remove all annuals, and cut back perennials where required. Leaves will be blown and raked onto tarps and removed from the property. Fall is the best time to request any large amount of hedge trimming or pruning to thin out or shorten shrubs and trees, as well as to do any transplanting. Installation requests for frost fences and winterizing of plants. We will provide burlap wrap for shrubs and trees requiring winter protection

Fall Service includes:

  • Weekly lawn cutting and trimming

  • Weekly garden bed maintenance

  • Weekly pruning and hedging

  • Weekly grounds clean up

  • Edging

  • Fall Fertilization application

Key Benefits of Sure Green Fall Services:

  •   Removes dead branches and stems which are adding weight as well as taking up essential nutrients.

  •   Boosts plant health.

  •   Helps remove or contain disease and infestations.

  •   Stimulates new growth.

  •   Takes care of structural issues in trees.


Spring Service

Our spring cleanup program is designed to give your property that much needed boost after a long Canadian winter. We will rake planting beds and lightly cultivate the soil so we do not disturb any perennial bulbs. All garden and tree beds will be edged to give a clean, sharp appearance


Spring is the time for new growth

To encourage this we will prune and thin out dead wood from shrubs and prune any trees that require spring maintenance, to a height of 10 feet. All lawns and boulevards (including those that are city maintained), roadways, walkways, and patios will be cleaned of sand, salt, leaves, and debris.

Spring service includes:

  • Weekly grounds clean up

  • Weekly garden bed maintenance

  • Edging (lawns and beds)

  • Spring fertilizer application

  • Aeration and Over Seeding (extra to the contract)

  • Repair winter burn on grass

  • Remove and replace dead trees and shrubs (extra to the contract)

  • Planting of annuals and perennials (extra to the contract)

Key Benefits of Sure Green Spring Services

  • Rake planting beds, clean all lawn and boulevards including City. Remove leaves and debris. Clean roadways, walkways, and patio areas of sand, salt and debris. Cultivate soil lightly without disturbing roots. Edge all garden, and tree beds to give a clean sharp appearance. Prune and thin out dead wood from shrubs to allow new growth. Prune trees that require it during early spring up to a height of 7 feet.

  •  Enhancing curb appeal/property value

  • Overall horticultural knowledge

  • Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age

  • Allround certified and insured landscapers

  •   Working with natural land contours

What Our Clients Say

01_60 rosewood avenue-2000.jpeg

Port Credit Townhomes, Mississauga

Good Morning: I would like to advise that I am very pleased with the row of cedars planted yesterday along the Bell fence on the east side of this complex. Mike Martin and his crew did an excellent job in the planting and also in digging up and replanting all the perennials which needed to be moved to give sufficient room for the cedars. It all looks so nice and I believe any job well done deserves recognition. I ask that you pass this along to Mike. Regards
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